Elliot Wyman - Data Scientist

Hi, I'm Elliot 👋 I'm a Data Science and Business Analytics professional with a versatile skill set in machine learning, statistical modelling and optimization. My professional experience has had me programming, researching and modelling in inventory management, eCommerce, Finance and Retail contexts.

I use data-driven strategies and innovative solutions to drive business outcomes. My approach is marked by passion, curiosity, and a positive attitude, fostering collaborative team environments.

I hold a Masters Degree in Data Science and Business Analytics and call Canada my home!

Latest projects

What I'm up to

Here are a few data science projects I've been leading or contributing to.

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Robustness Analysis of a Metro System

Robustness analysis and vulnerability testing of Washington Metro System — WMATA.


ML-based SKU cross reference tool.

Tool for cross-referencing inventory SKUs across vendor catalogs, using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms.

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Traffic-object Detection and Classification

Classification of Traffic Objects in Images using MobileNet SSD (Neural Network).

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Lyrics Author Attribution modeling

Web scraper and classification algorithm to identify the artist behind songs lyrics, using K-means and Neural Network models.

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Uplift model

Uplift modeling to determine call sheet for Fundraising company.

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Custom Analytics Website, running Dash

Custom application site to host data analytics projects, running on Python's Flask and Dash libraries.

Skill set

My technical expertise

Here are the discrete abilities I bring to projects.

Data Collection

Data collection via database query, APIs, Custom Web Scrapers, Pandas.

Data cleaning, pre-processing and feature engineering.

Machine Learning

Model selection and fine-tuning.

Deep Learning, Regression, Classification, Clustering, NLP

Pandas, Tensorflow, Sci-Kit, SpaCy, Matplotlib, Seaborn


C++, PHP, Python, JavaScript, SQL.


Data analysis, modeling, and reporting. Design and implementation of custom dashboards.

Infrastructure (Tech)

Databases, Networks, ERP, eCom, POS, Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS.

Software Development

Requirements gathering, design, testing and delivery within Agile and Waterfall methodologies.